Exterior Progress: Nearly done with North and South Gable Ends

I spent the (spectacularly hot) week of my birthday pushing forward on the painting progress.  Knowing I’d have someone around to spot me, I planned to do the high-up, platform work on the south gable.  Here’s what I’ve accomplished since the last time I checked in on the painting.

To shake things up from the north side where I started scraping, priming, and painting at the bottom and worked my way up, I started from the top this time.  Setting up the ladders seems like its going to be easy and then takes an hour or more, so I tried to plan the bursts of effort both  around our natural breaks for food and water.

Scraping, sanding and cleaning can be followed immediately by priming.  Dad contributed very thorough sealing of all the nail holes and other damaged areas with caulk – which needs to dry for 2-4 hours before being primed or painted.  If we prime over the caulk, THAT has to wait an hour before being painted.  Then the second coat has to wait over night.  I was juggling not only the grey primer and paint but also prepping, priming and painting the soffits white.

All those logistics meant we only got a tiny triangle finished in the first burst but from there we made rapid progress.  In the end we pushed on through to final coat paint over the whole upper area in two full work days with one final early morning ladder placement to put the second coat on the upper east side.

Rain shut me down for another few days but then I took the opportunity to scrape and prime the lower part of the wall on my own.

Then on Friday I pushed myself out into the nasty sunny humidity and powered through the first coat of (almost) all the south side – I just didn’t have it in me to keep going on the last four boards on my knees – then caved and moved around to the shady north and finished off the whole first coat.  It all needs one more coat now but it will keep until the rainy weather lets up.

It’s not ACTUALLY done, but it looks pretty close to done.

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