Back to the Basement: Getting up to speed again after some outside work

Having taken a little break for, first, the MREA, and then successive visits from my BFF and a group of out-of-town family, it’s time to get back to work.  I had a little trouble positioning myself on the “what’s next list” so I worked backwards:

I need to get to framing the bathroom walls so the plumbers can come finish their rough-in, then finish framing the rest of the walls, so we can get the electrician out here, and I was planning to dig into that today.  My first thought this morning: “I have 2×4’s … Get out the chop-saw!!”

  • Wait, ok, I need to measure and chalk out all the lines.
  • Wait, first I need to glue the 1″ rigid insulation to the walls
  • Wait, didn’t I plan to lay the Dri-core sub floor first so I don’t have to cut it carefully around all the walls later
  • Wait, my big pile of 2×4’s is totally in the way of everything.  Sigh.

So, I didn’t have the uber productive basement day I’d intended, but I did end up doing a big cleanup, prepare a necessary shopping list for Home Depot tomorrow including, chalk for the chalk line, nails for the nail gun and … those Dri-core sub floor panels.  Plus I problem solved how I will add 1-1/4″ to the basement floor without making the bottom stair riser dangerously (and code violatingly) shorter than the others.

Tomorrow, I’ll lay that sub-floor and really get started in building back the basement that I’ve demolished. It’s going to be satisfying to start making rather than breaking.


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