Detour: 10 days in japan

I’m taking a break from my regularly scheduled design work and basement construction to visit Japan.

How does this pertain to a blog about Ranch house design?

Well, partly because the Ranch House Redux is essentially what bet I am thinking and doing. However I would also argue that the common or garden American ranch is a direct descendant, or at least a cousin, of the Frank Lloyd Wright designed Prairie and Usonian houses, and that much of the DNA of Wright’s design style came from his experience of the minimalist and material sensitive design aesthetic he encountered in Japan.

I’m going to be looking for bridges and back-traces. It should be a wealth of inspiration!  From Japan Living, by Marcia Iwatate and Geeta Mheta:

The sensitivity to high design in Japan goes deeper than in most other cultures, and is not limited to the rich and the stylish. It cuts across layers of society so that more people are willing to invest more in a sense of design than people in other countries are.

I can’t wait to check out all the toto toilets.

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