Exterior Progress: Miscellaneous Painting

I took advantage of the last few nice days of fall weather to do a few outstanding paint tasks.  The last of the peeling green paint was hiding out in a small strip of wall between the garage and house roof lines.  It was a little awkward to get to and I never really felt up for climbing around on the roof when no one would be around to call 911 if I took a dive.  Wednesday and Thursday I scraped, then painted and primed the wall and soffit while my folks were around which upped the safety factor.


Bizarrely, the soffit edge had never been painted, even though all the rest of the house had (peeling) white painted soffits.  When I brushed on the primer, I felt like I could see the wood actively sucking it in it was so dry.

While Dad went along the edge between the roofing and wall with a caulk gun, I pulled off the old storm door which has been driving me crazy for ages.  When I went back to the roof, Dad, installed a new one with a lovely full light opening.  I’ve been waiting to do that for way too long so it was cause for a lot of celebration!

Once that was accomplished, I  was free to give the beat up front door a few coats of cheery orange paint to match my beloved modern mail box. Its not quite done – come spring we will pull the door from its hinges to adjust its fit in the frame and at that point we’ll be able to do a smoother paint job, but for the moment the update is pure joy.  I’m delighted with the result every time I come up to the front of the house.

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