Mid Mod Midwest

Hey Ranch Fans,

I’ve decided to take this to the next level and transition the blog over to a new site.  If you are interested in my crusade to make ranch houses back into America’s Dream House all over again … come and join me!

You can also find me pursuing the dream on Instagram as well.  That’s fun too!


If you’re all in … follow this link to a continuing world of ranch love … and all my old blog posts, too.

ranch 3_insta

One thought on “Mid Mod Midwest

  1. amberwesterman says:

    Della, I just got caught up with your blog and I like what you’re doing with the house. Are you continuing to take on freelance jobs? How is business? If something comes my way I can’t take or any Madison-area inquiries would you like me to pass them on to you?

    I’m finally building my “model” home AKA a home for myself. I’m blogging about it at poemhomes.org. Because of the mild weather, we got a lot done in December. I’d love to show it to you!

    Amber Westerman Building Design 178-1/2 North Iowa Street, Suite 204 Dodgeville, Wisconsin 53533 608-935-9020 amberwesterman.com poemhomes.org


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