Downs Passive House

This is a new Passive House residence to be constructed in the Bloomington, IL area.

The house is just a single bedroom, compact and, I hope, cozy.  Its oriented to the south with maximum window exposure in that direction.  We will be aiming for an R-60 insulation value for the roof, R-40 walls – both above grade and in the basement – and even R-20 under the basement floor slab.

Here’s the blog post where I introduced the project.

moonlight perspective

The main living spaces are all on one floor, with a roofline and interior ceiling rising to the south to give a sense of space, embrace the view and capture as much solar energy as possible.

Schematic Design packet-5

This compact home for one person features an open concept living and dining area, a snug but open bedroom area and a shared powder design for the bath so that it can be easy access for any guests but stay functional for the person of the house.  An airlock mud room keeps the chill or heat at bay and the mechanical spaces are tucked away in the basement (with room to add a second bedroom, bath and den at a later date if desired.