The front of the house was one of our first priorities  – and a discrete set of projects that I could take on before the master plan was created and prioritized.  To date we have: ripped out the ancient and gnarly front hedge, scraped the peeling and toxic lead paint from the front of the house and soffits, cut in new soffit vents to properly air out the attic, and painted the new and snazzy dark grey, and planted a bed of native prairie grasses to get a jump start on spring.

Here’s what the house looked like when I got started:

Here’s what it looks like now:

The back yard and back of the house are completely unloved.  Apparently there was once a thriving vegetable garden in the sunniest section about 20 years ago.  But today it demonstrates text book benign neglect.   I’m not planning to do too much to the yard itself but it is absolutely crying out for a small deck off the breeze-way to forge a better connection between the house and yard.  Stay tuned.